Comment by: Paula Harwell & your work! I feel so privileged to spend time with you & absolutely LOVE my pottery:)

Comment by: SARA33
Comment by: Debbie Alexander
I bought your Leopard shopping lady painting at the ARTWALK. I'm interested in learning your schedule for art classes. Could you put me on your mailing list. I like abstract painting ,figure drawing & watercolors, and acrylic.
Comment by: Michiel
I also like your website a lot, it looks very good. i was looking for <a href="" title=""></a> but stumbled upon your website. im very happy with it.
Comment by: Carole & Lucy
We have just had a wonderful hour looking at your fabulous paintings. Where is you pottery?
Comment by: Romantic Weekend Getaways
The seascapes gallery is really impressive. I suppose painting water is really difficult, but you make it like Aivazovsky.
Comment by: John
I love the gallery no 3. For me it's the best one :)
Comment by: Pat McGilberry
Joe has my picture hanging and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Comment by: Lon Fredric Palitz
Such as pleasure to discover and return to your website. You are a quintessential artist in so many media. How wonderful your work is to view. All best wishes. I am spreading the word of this site to my friends. Thank you.
Comment by: Shand & Ronnie Eubanks
Met you today in Mobile at the Springhill Christmas on the Hill., We really enjoyed looking at all your paintings on your website! Shand loves your landscapes with trees. We both thought your talent in capturing the true essence of the power of the sea is EXTRAORDINARY!!! Blessings to You!
Comment by: S. Armstrong
I think your art work is fabulous. I've seen it on PIL and fell in love with your onion, radish still life, the colors really speak to me..
Comment by: Betty Brunson
You are a very creative artist, and your love for art shows in the work. I am much inspired by your talent. I love to see such great talent in Mobile. We are very blessed.
Comment by: Jack Childs
Truly awe-inspiring work! Love your landscapes.
Comment by: River Lewis
your artwork is so diverse! i really enjoyed studying your seascapes.
Comment by: frances gurganious
just checking in on what you were up too! always, your work is a cut above the regular art work show case!!!! love frances
Comment by: mullerjeanfrancois
great paintigs.
Comment by: MikeGiddens
I had to come and have a look. Wow you have beautiful paintings on display. I look forward to coming back for another view. Mike in Australia
Website: w .w.w. jamesrichardson-fineartamerica
lolita water pleasure looking at your site so varyied a real artist
Comment by: Carmen
Hey Lolita, This is Carmen from the plane to Park City. Hope all is well. Great art! =)
Comment by: lindalee Smith
As always,very creative. I always look forward to seeing your new work. I'm so proud of how successful you have become. Lets try to go on the road again taking workshops! Love you,Lindalee
Comment by: Dieter
Very Nice work. Enjoyed the view.
Comment by: Sebastien
The second picture in Gallery 1 is so beautiful. It represents such a nice atmosphere. Greetings, Sebastien
Comment by: Sebastien
gallery 3 is my favourite!! simply great!!
Comment by: Sebastien
Great site!! you are very very talented! i'll check back, sebastien
Comment by: Diane
Hi Lolita! do u remember Diane from HP tech. support? How are u and ur printer unit? At last, here i am in ur website! Ur works are very beautiful, ur such an artist, ur now my idol. by the way, if there will be issues with your unit again, don't hesitate to call HP tech. More power!
Comment by: Adjabroux Sylvie
Hello, my friend of artbeak, yours creations are wonderful!! See you soon!!! Bybye!!!!!!
Comment by: Cathy
Hi Lolita, Mary and Brian gave me your web site to review your work. Very good, your godchild, Cathy
Comment by: Frances
Lolita, go girl--love the foil! Your talents have always been wonderful!! Frances
Comment by: Jami Buck
Lolita, Your work inspires me to head for my studio and play. Beautiful!
Comment by: Lisa
Love your works! Have a look at mine, please...
Comment by: lindalee
Love the new abstracts!
Comment by: james hicks
Nice work! Really enjoyed your style...Great page Thanx
Comment by: Jason
Love the site and your artworks! Much Peace from Tejas...
Comment by: Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik
Hello,great artworks,I enjoyed through your gallery, Greetings, Lilly
Comment by: Cathy Romero
Lolita, you are amazing! Your artwork is so colorful & beautiful. Wishing you much success. Love, Cathy
Comment by: linda lee smith
Lolita, You continue to amaze and inspire me with you vast array of diverse works of art! Let's go paint! love,lindalee
Comment by: Olivia Alexander
Hi I was just checking out your art, it's very beautiful. I love your abstracts, very inspiring. fellow artist from australia, Liv
Comment by: nicole(again)
Comment by: derek mccrea
Your art is stunning and your site is very nice. I am an artist and love what I see.
Comment by: nicole
i love your work and it is inspiring. i hope when my husband makes rank with the police department, i WILL get a piece of your art work. beautiful!! love the web site - very user friendly.
Comment by: Terry Solana
Interesting friendly website. Enjoyed the diversity of your work. Am off to the second seminar hope it is as good as yesterday. Peace, Terry
Comment by: Tilda Kaplan
Your art is absolutely wonderful. I particularly like Mystere. Thanks for sharing your website with all of us. Tilda
Comment by: Stacy
It was so great to find your work at Cathedral Square Gallery on our annual trip back to the Gulf Coast from Phoenix for Mardi Gras. The Masquerade Ball we purchased a couple of years ago is always a great conversation starter at parties. Now, with Glasses and Beads, we have a second Lolita to talk about. Thanks for the Web site so we can keep up with your work.
Comment by: Linda Lee Smith
Love your new works! lindalee
Comment by: Eric
I appreciate your expressions of beautiful things that takes the heart to exotic places!!!
Comment by: Carole Hagerman
Lolita, Impressed by your website. Love 'FOG AND STEAM'. Keep painting, Carole
Comment by: Teresa
Very Nice work. Enjoyed the view.
Comment by: Tracy Host
Lolita, The website is great! Keep up the good work Tracy
Comment by: linda lee Smith
beautiful diverse work!!!! what a talent you have! i love you wishes linda lee

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